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GROWING YOUR BUSINESS doesn’t have to be so grueling.

You have your bearings as a (darn good) wedding planner—but figuring out how to get new leads, grow your team or expand to a new location is endlessly exhausting. You want a clear action plan that allows you to grow seamlessly, so you can get back to planning stunning celebrations and spend less time stressing over your backend business practices.  Sound familiar?

You’re in the right place! I built my wedding planner mastermind to help you finally secure a lead stream that never stops flowing, a team you can count on, in the cities you’re dreaming of.

From Live Q&A calls and video training to incredibly effective action sheets, my mastermind course includes all of the tools and resources you need to become a business + marketing maven—sans business school. The best part? I’ll be right there, rooting for you and helping you along the entire time. Grab my hand, take my tools, and let’s go get you some growth.


I’m here to share the lessons that took me from overwhelmed & overworked to a well-oiled machine with weddings from coast-to-coast.

I’m the founder and wedding planner mentor behind Chancey Charm, a wedding planning & design firm with planners all across the US. I’m a firm believer that your business should pay you both financially and in personal freedom and flexibility, that allows you to focus on your family and faith.

With a decade of experience in the events industry, it’s become my life’s passion to share the tips and tools I’ve collected along the way with aspiring planners who are in the same uncertain shoes I was once shakin’ in myself.

What makes me qualified to help you build a thriving wedding planning business?

Chancey Charm operates coast-to-coast with an ever-expanding team of 30+ planners, each of whom I personally mentor. We continue to hit over $400k in sales every year in multiple markets, have been published over 200 times, have served over 650 happy couples, and have had over 2,000 planners join our supportive community.

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Building a thriving business takes time. I’m here to help you make the most of it.

Whether it’s expanding your team or getting great leads to line up in your inbox, you’re ready for some serious growth—but you don’t have the time or money to waste on trial-and-error. You’re far too smart to spend precious hours shooting in the dark. And sifting through everything you’ve found via those late-night Googling sessions? That could take a lifetime (or two).

Instead of going down the internet rabbit hole looking for wedding business coaching that actually works, incessantly scrolling through Instagram wondering why everyone seems to be great at marketing except for you (spoiler alert: they’re not), or embarking on your business-expansion journey alone—I’m here to guide you through a proven process that actually works in this nuanced industry.

Save “learning the hard way” for someone else. Learn the smart way instead.


Via insightful training videos, live Q&A sessions, and crazy-helpful action guides, I’ll cover everything you need to know to grow your business with confidence and clarity.

Quarterly + Long Term Goal Building

Your “Sweet Spot” Checklist (where you’re getting online & word-of-mouth leads in your inbox)

How To Market Your Wedding Planner Business With Clarity

Design Mood Board Creation

Creating Styled Shoots To Build the Brand You Want

Venue Partnerships

Social Media Strategy Made Simple

How To Attract Your Target Client Online

How To Get Your Client’s Wedding Ready For Publication

Healthy Team Growth & Location Expansion


Time-saving tools & reliable resources to help you market & grow like a mother.

how to become a wedding planner, how to be a wedding planner, wedding planner academy, chancey charm


Wedding Planning BUSINESS

From video trainings and team-expansion tips to clear action sheets, my wedding planner mastermind includes all of the resources you need to feel empowered and informed as you grow your business—plus all of the just-for-you perks listed below! 

Proven wedding planner marketing plan
A tip-to-tail marketing blueprint for attracting your ideal couple
Business vision and target client worksheet
Define where your brand is headed and the people you most want to book.
Sarah’s personal business resource list
The sanity-saving tools I rely on to run a scaled, successful wedding planning business.
Styled Shoots 101

Elevate your portfolio with this expert guide for producing an on-brand, on-budget styled shoot.

Venue partnership guide
Learn the ins-and-outs of working with venues successfully and seamlessly.
Social media strategy
Learn how to leverage social media to attract and book on-brand leads.
Wedding Planner Sales Process Guide
Proven sales process
Learn how to take leads from liking your Insta posts to signing on the dotted line.
Email templates
Done-for-you lead to client communication you can put your personal stamp on

How to sell your team

You’ve assembled your dream team—now it’s time to sell it.

Sales + Welcome Canva Template Bundle

sales + welcome canva templates

Plug-n play Canva templates to help you look legit quick!

Annual goal guide
Setting clear goals from the start is the key to building a business that works for you.
wedding planner team growth guide and location expansion

How to grow your team and business guide

Expert tips and proven tools for can’t-believe-I-got-here! growth



Live Q&A Sessions

Get personal guidance and support directly from Sarah (that’s me!) in our private Mastermind Facebook group, where I’ll go LIVE every month to personally answer your questions and provide clarity.

A Private Community

Our private Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Mastermind Facebook group is a supportive, safe group for established wedding planners who are in the mastermind with you. Inside, we’ll brainstorm together, ask questions, set goals, and cheer each other on!

Members-Only Video Training

Gain access to four of my mastermind-only video trainings, where I cover my all-time most effective marketing techniques for growing your wedding planning business. (Psst…these pair perfectly with the action guides!)

Action Guides

Empowering action guides help you process all of the mastermind marketing resources, make a plan you feel confident about, and take clear next steps to secure more growth within your business.

Expert Guest Training 

Within the Mastermind is an ever-growing collection of guest speaker training sessions, including Facebook Ad training for planners.


Quarterly + Long Term Goal Building

Your “Sweet Spot” Checklist (where you’re getting online + word of mouth leads in your inbox)

How To Market Your Wedding Planner Business With Clarity

Design Mood Board Creation

Creating Styled Shoots To Build the Brand You Want

Venue Partnerships

Social Media Strategy Made Simple

How To Attract Your Target Client Online

How To Get Your Client’s Wedding Ready For Publication

Healthy Team Growth & Location Expansion


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why a mastermind?

A mastermind offers a crazy-effective combination of industry education and peer support to help you achieve sustainable success. Resources created by an industry pro help you grow your business in a healthy, proven way—while group coaching allows you to set and accomplish goals alongside badass, brand-building planners like you. It’s the ideal continued education offering for those who’ve built a solid foundation and are ready to climb to all-new heights.


let’s dive in together!

$147 a year

( $2,000+ value *lock in this price before we raise it again*)

30-Day refund policy

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The Wedding Planner Academy launch bundle and community pass is actually the perfect fit for a woman that is looking to create a wedding planning business she loves. You can check it out here.

This Mastermind is best suited for a planner who has the logistics of planning down, but would like to see a increased lead stream in 2021.  Let’s dive in together!

The Mastermind is a place for planners who are actively pursuing their career and striving for growth.  We’ve set this up as a subscription membership to keep the community healthy, active and more private.

Yes!  When you join, you will get full access to all of my wedding planner marketing resources (in the form of downloadable PDFs). That means you can enroll now and have access to every single resource today! You will also receive instructions on how to log in to the membership portal, so you’re not left wondering what to do. I’ve made it super simple because I want you to feel confident and ready. 

Yes! Planners from around the world have used these proven resources to get their businesses off of the ground, and you can too.

You will have access to the community + resources as long as you continue your subscription.

Absolutely! But, it took me a decade to learn all that I’m providing in these resources. And, honestly, some of the content was learned by trial and error. I’d love to help you skip the stress and time it takes, to piece all of this together.

The academy is the educational wing of Chancey Charm. It’s a training program but does not guarantee a spot on our team. While these resources are the very same ones we use when on-boarding new planners, purchasing them does not secure a place on our permanent team. If you’d like to apply to be a Chancey Charm planner, you can do so through the link on our contact page. While we may not have an opening on the Chancey Charm team, we highly encourage you to look into our Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Connecting Point for opportunities under experienced planners in your area.

PS – Don’t see your question here? Feel free to ask us via that little chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.  

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do you want to learn how to become a wedding planner?

Breathe a sigh of relief. You’re in the right place. Sarah has a proven process + supportive community for anyone wondering how to become a wedding planner who gets paid, published + personally fulfilled.

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