January 18, 2021

Groom-Friendly Wedding Planning Checklist

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We hear ya, husbands-to-be! You’re excited about marrying the love of your life, but you have no clue how to help plan the best wedding ever. You love the way her face lights up when you’re at design meetings, but as soon as she asks you to decide between the “navy” or “midnight” napkins (aren’t they the same color?!) you’re looking for the quickest exit. Being a part of the wedding process doesn’t mean you have to learn the names of every flower imaginable or get a lesson in color theory. You are 100% capable of helping your fiancée plan a wonderful wedding just as you are. After all, you’re killing in it in your fantasy league this year and if you can organize that, you can manage a few groom-friendly wedding planning tasks. And guess what, you might even find you enjoy it!

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So what are some groom-friendly wedding planning tasks and what can you actually do to help with the planning process? Think about what you love most about weddings. It’s okay to get superficial here! Maybe you’re only in it for the dance party or the killer drink selection. Make a list of what those things are you feel like have to be top-notch at your wedding. These are things you can offer to assist in planning for your own wedding.

Is stocking the bar important to you? Get the alcohol list from your caterer and narrow it down to your favorites or circle “must-haves”.

What about the music? Start keeping a note on your phone with all your favorite tunes to give to the DJ or band. Bonus points if they can be used for important moments like your first dance or ceremony recessional.

Maybe you want to look your best walking down the aisle. Spend time sourcing a custom or tailored suit for yourself and then help organize your groomsmen’s attire.

Still not sure how to help? Check out this groom-friendly wedding planning checklist for some to-dos you can offer to handle as a starting point!


Groom-Friendly Wedding Planning Checklist

12 Months Out

____ Work with your fiancée to choose a venue, date, and guest count

11 Months Out

____ Choose your groomsmen and invite them to join the wedding party

10 Months Out

____ Reserve your wedding night accommodations

____ Book your honeymoon

7 Months Out

____ If you’re going custom, purchase your tuxedo/suit

6 Months Out

____ Order wedding rings, have them sized and engraved


5 Months Out

____ Purchase groomsmen gifts

____ Order groom’s cake

4 Months Out

____ Purchase your tuxedo/suit accessories and other details

3 Weeks Out

____ Get your final haircut before the wedding

____ Have your final fitting for your custom or tailored attire

2 Weeks Out

____ Obtain marriage license

____ Confirm groomsmen attire pickup date

1 Week Out

____ If you’re renting your attire, assign someone to return rental items after wedding if you are unable to do so yourself

____ Pack your wedding night and honeymoon suitcases

____ If you wrote your own vows, provide a copy to the officiant

____ Pack envelopes with final payments and tips for your planner to distribute

Day Before

____ Confirm groomsmen have all attire and accessories

____ Give presents to groomsmen

____ Rehearse the ceremony and review any important information

____ Enjoy your rehearsal dinner


Love having an easy groom-friendly wedding planning checklist at your fingertips? All Chancey Charm couples get access to our COMPLETE wedding checklist via our online planning program. Not only do you get this extensive “how to” guide to planning your wedding, you can assign tasks to help spread out the workload – perfect for finding tasks for all those people who ask how they can help!

Thank you to Skylar Caitlin, Chancey Charm’s Houston Wedding Planner for writing this post!




We hear ya, husbands! You’re excited to get married, but have no clue how to help plan the wedding. Here are a few groom-friendly wedding planning tasks!

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